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Country Kettle
#CKB5 1 pt., 5" diameter, 21/2" depth

Simmering Pot/Bowl
With Cover

#SSB7 7" diameter,
3" depth

Oval Wood Underliner
#SSBW7 11" x 71/2"

Roll Basket

  • Attractive look gives a finishing touch to the table
  • Durable poly-line for easy cleaning
  • Four versatile sizes for serving bread, chips, fries and finger food

#ORB8 8" x 6" x 21/2" oval
#ORB9 9" x 7" x 3" oval
#ORB0 10" x 71/2" x 31/2" oval
#RRB8 8" diameter x 23/4" round

Tortilla Server

  • Keeps tortillas, personal pizzas, rice, etc. warm, fresh and ready to serve
  • Interlocking base/lid design allows for stacking several tortilla servers at one time
  • Made of strong, durable plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Warp resistant and long-lasting
  • Available in brown, red and bone

71/2" diameter, 11/4" depth

Monster Broiler Brush

  • Sturdy construction for very heavy use, and lasts for a long time
  • High recovery wire bristles resist curling
  • Angled brushes are bolted to a solid wood block for better pressure, strength and stability
  • Double-sided: Tough, thick steel wires for scraping; bristle brush for deep cleaning and sweeping away debris
  • Strong hardwood handles are lacquered for comfortable grasp and easy cleaning
  • Available in 21/2-foot and 4-foot long handles
  • The toughest broiler/grill brush on the market

#MBB2 2-1/2-foot handle
#MBB4 4-foot handle

Butcher Block Brush with Handle
A. #BBB1 8 x 12 rows

  • Strong steel wire bristles scrape away contaminated layers of wooden butcher blocks
  • Rugged hardwood block and oversized handle for comfortable graspMaster Scraper Brush

B. #MSB1 4 x 11 rows

  • Cleans hard to reach spots
  • 3" resilient spring-back bristles
  • 20" extra long solid handle
  • Strong metal scraper
  • Lasts up to 4 times longer

Junior Butcher Block Brush
with Handle

C. #JBB2 5 x 10 rows

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